The Importance of Tree Pruning

If you are new to gardening, you might not be well-versed with the concept of tree pruning. The best option is always to go for professional tree pruning services but if you really want to get to the “root” of gardening, you should know more about it. Just like our hair needs regular trimming to avoid split ends and hair damages, the trees too need a similar treatment. However, just like you will not let an inexperienced hand chop off your hair, you should know more about the process before getting out the heavy machinery.

What Is Pruning?

Pruning is simply the removal of selective parts of the plant to ensure better health to the plant and create a more appealing look. Have you seen shrubs cut into fantastic shapes? That is done through pruning. Although having a dinosaur in your yard could cost you almost as much as buying a real dinosaur, you can always go for the more conventional shapes like square hedges, conical trees or maybe even sneak in a heart-shaped design. However, these design may be difficult to create if you are not experienced. In the attempt of perfecting the shape, you might find that most of the tree is gone by the end of it leaving you with a pile of useless foliage. Then you will have no other option than to call Perth tree services to clear up the mess!

Why Is It Important?

Although aesthetic reasons are there for pruning, that is not the true reason. Pruning is generally done to make sure that all the essential nutrients are reaching where it should. If you know a bit about gardening you should know that you should always remove the parasitic plant that clings onto the main plant sapping all the nutrients. That is because the alternate plant tends to prosper and the main plant withers and dies. But often the enemy lies within the main tree itself.


There are a lot of periphery branches that grow out of the primary or secondary branches. These also need nutrients, as a result, the main branches suffer. This results in weaker, splitting and breaking branches. This not only becomes harmful for the trees but also puts the passerby in danger. When a branch of a big tree falls on someone, they can cause serious injuries or even death.

Often you might even find that there are some strange plants growing in your garden, trees you never planted. When you spot them you should call for tree removal Perth as they are eating up the limited nutrients of the soil and thus your trees will not get the sufficient amount that they need. When you use proper tree pruning services Perth, it also ensures that the nutrients reach the fruits giving you plump, healthy fruits. Not just that, the tree might be infected with pests or insects. Now, cutting down the entire tree is not a good option. You will find that amputation of the infected area, saves the rest of the tree from infection.

Using a fully qualified professional is always the best way to go. It may seem a simple task but the reality is there is such thing as over pruning which is detriment to a trees health. Getting a specialist to do the job means that you also ensure health and longevity of your tree.

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