New cool crisp home design

All home designers wish for such a home design which will have a very chic and crisp look. Through this article I am going to present before some designing tips like “exquisite fixtures”, “crisp palette” , “neat and symmetrical home accessories, by these you can easily give a chic look to your apartment. For ceiling its preferable to go with white and along with that, try to go with wooden floors and for walls go for some light brown shades. For accessories you can try white lamp shades or white ceiling or hanging lamp shades for a sophisticated look. To give a neat look to your home clutter, it will be better if you go with sleek closet storage system. For a mod look try out handle-free doors, for an attractive look go for white low bench just at the corner of the entrance of the hallway. For kitchen you can go with geometrical block shaped tile, with smooth and linear kitchen fixtures. Go for wall cabinets in order to get more space. For a daily use you can install cubbies in your kitchen for storage purpose.

Project of  NG Studio Interior Design

crisp home exterior design

New crisp home design

crisp home interior design

crisp home sofa room design

crisp home bedroom design

crisp home kitchen design

Images source: ng-interior , home-designing

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