Impressive modern classic villa design

If you have a large acres of land and planning for a wonderful residence, then I must suggest you that you must go for a villa residential. Through my article I am going to tell you some of the Modern villa design, by which you will enjoy your every moment of living. The main feature of villa planning is that it should be very much spacious. Another main ingredient of the villa is the stairs, you can also install large, dual, round stairs, which will give a classical villa look. The next most important component are pillars. You install big Victorian pillars in your living area, with arch shaped curves. Paint the pillars with light shades, use borders at the ceiling. You can use big marble fireplace. You can use chandeliers in your dinning area or at the living area.

Instead of bricks, you can use quartz, or matt finish white coloured slice cobbled stones,or you can also use thin stainless steel bricks. To make your outdoor location more appealing, you choose Thái Villa theme, that means large swimming pool, palm beach, with a lounge as your sitting area.  For lightings, you can use pendent lights and capital lights for your dining hall or for your kitchen. Use single marble kitchen countertops. Large round wooden dining table will be definitely a perfect match.

Interiors by David Desmond
Landscape by Thomas Klope

modern villa exterior design

villa garden design

villa interior design

villa in livingroom design

villa in kitchen room design

villa in fireplace room design

villa in balconey space design

villa in large dining space design

Images source: richardmanion


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