How to Grow Roses in Containers

The classic symbol of love and beauty, rose, is not just an ornamental plant, used as confetti in celebrations or for fragrance, but have their medicinal values too, making the gardeners fantasize their embellishments.For those with passion of maintaining gardens and adorn the beauty of nature, growing roses in containers have proved to be a boon.

The questions and queries regarding the same have been prominent. Below are some easy steps one should follow to grow a rose in container:

Kind Of Container To Be Used: roses can be grown in any kind of containers from tubs to hanging baskets, provided a good drainage and enough room for roots to grow and expand, and a base strong enough to provide ample support. The size must be large enough to accommodate a full mature plant.


Kind Of Soil To Be Used: Use special blends that are sold specifically for roses, or you can prepare the same at home, using sterile non-soil potting medium, like fine bark, and perlite in equal parts, or a mixture containing 40 percent of topsoil, blend with equal portions of perlite and screened compost.

Planting The Rose:  Fill the container bed with gravel, maintaining the drainage for water and cover about two-thirds with not so tightly packed soil.

Plant the rose carefully, providing space for the roots to spread, and cover the remaining area with soil and saturate it well with water.

Maintenance: Roses need 7 hours of sunlight to thrive, and must be watered regularly, preferably in morning. They must be pruned regularly and transplanted after every two years. Use of salts after springs enhances the growth.

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