Window coverings for stacker doors

Nowadays home owners prefer for stacker doors. Stacker doors are actually a kind of sliding doors. These stacker doors provides a back entrance to the back yard or even to the patio. One should be very much sceptic while choosing for the window treatments for the stacker doors. You should remember one thing that whatever may be the window treatment, that should be outside the door frame. You can choose vertical blinds for the stacker doors. These blinds have vanes which can either be stack to one side or at the middle. Just to make it more decorative you can also add valance on the handrail. The louvers of these vertical va are usually made of plastic so these valances can add extra touch of beauty. Drapery panels can also compliment with the stacker doors and give a classic look. When you use drapery panel it will be wise to use tiebacks. Other than these you can also use”faux wood blinds”, roll up blinds, Roman Shades, fabric panels for your stacker doors.

Timber Stacking Door for porch and balconey

Timber Sliding Doors design

Black Window coverings for stacker doors

Window coverings for stacker doors

Aluminium Stacking Doors


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