Top 10 Awesome Garden Bedroom interior design

Garden bedrooms or garden themed bedrooms gives the feeling of sleeping in the lap of nature and honestly who does not enjoy that? Nature is calming, nature is pristine and thus it does not hurt to bring touches of nature into one’s own bedroom. Cool garden bedroom can be attained by using a mixture of shapes, colours and dynamic wall decals. Wall decals of flowers, trees, a bush or a bunch of bushes, earthly colours on the wall and similarly coloured or themed furniture all add up to the feel of a garden bedroom. Keeping an actual potted plant on either side of the bed also adds to the feel of the room.

Garden Bedroom_1

Garden Bedroom_2

Garden Bedroom_3

Garden Bedroom_4

Garden Bedroom_5

Garden Bedroom_6

Garden Bedroom_7

Garden Bedroom_8

Garden Bedroom_9

Garden Bedroom_10

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