Tomato plants in home garden

We are using Tomato in our daily recipes so it’s necessary in our life. Now we are discussing about the plant, seed and little plant also available in the market so which is better you can chose as many time seed better because you can sow in empty place in home garden, if as you have little space then sow a plant. Fence, support and maximum security those important for the plant, if you thinking why support, keep a wood stick in tree because when grown plant that time Tomato and plant weight more so support important as when you support that time no worry to damage  tomato,  and when it will be damage that time value will be less. Some images check then try to make support. The pictures below will give you a few suggestions about several of the various methods you can assistance your crops and achieve true tomato superiority this period.

Tomato plants in home garden

(photo credit: easy mo drew)

Tomato plants in home balconey

(photo credit: workingcreativity )

Red Tomato plants

Next part is security, means inside of plant you can keep a iron fence , wood fence because many time birds attract on tree, so more chance to eat the plant.

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