4 Smart Tips on Maximizing Your Small Outdoor Area

Having an outdoor space to use is a splendid thing. Imagine getting home after a long day at work and simply settling down by your porch while drinking cold beer. It’s awesome to have a quiet space all to yourself just outside your home. Not everyone has enough external space that they could use. The challenge here lies in converting some of your outside living space to an extension room.

Small areas are more difficult to makeover since they require a well thought out plan. You’re probably thinking, would sofas even fit here or a single table perhaps? If you relate to this situation, then we’d love to help. You don’t really need a huge space to create a fabulous extension or outdoor room. Here are four things to keep in mind when maximizing your limited outdoor space: 

  1. Study the space you have. Don’t buy stuff right away. Since you only have a bit of space to use, work smart. From your door, how big is your external area? How much of this space is safe to makeover – considering the parking space that you probably need? The goal here would be to minimize costs on modern or garden furniture and maximize the space you have. Write down everything you see. Taking a picture of your available space would also be a great idea. 
  1. Highlight the best features. Once you’re done scaling the area, it’s time to do some planning on actual design and style. Every home is unique and each space has its own special feature. What we want to do here is play up their natural striking aspect. For instance, the corner spaces can be filled in with teak furniture or hanging ornaments. Some even use their vintage chairs to create a rustic look. Others incorporate plants for a fresh appearance. 
  1. Use the right colours and patterns. When dealing with limited areas, any furniture or piece with vertical lines ogives the impression of a bigger area. Be careful of choosing contemporary furniture with dark shades or busy patterns. These create a confined and closed look. For an impression of wider space, opt for lighter colours and subtle arrangements. The more simple and less complicated the style is, the more leeway it offers. 
  1. Pick the right outdoor furniture. Whether you favour an antique or vintage look or a modern style of outdoor furniture, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is you choose the right elements – pieces that won’t crowd your already limited space. To guide you in choosing the correct outdoor furniture, visit showrooms, read some designer magazines or seek professional help. You could also check with Cosh Living. They offer quality outdoor furniture, which you’ll surely love.

Another tip is setting a realistic budget when remodeling. If you wish to create the very design you imagined or planned, you need a comfortable budget to work on. It’s also important to ask your family regarding their preferences, so that all of you could work together in maximizing your extended living space. Throughout the process of renovating your outdoor space, don’t forget to have fun. In no time, you’ll be enjoying your much-awaited trendy space.


For those who want to use their furniture for a long period, pick designer furniture from Cosh Living. They are one of Australia’s premier suppliers of contemporary pieces both for indoor and outdoor use. This furniture company provide high quality pieces for your outdoor space, poolside, cafe, dining area, and other parts of the home. For more information, get in touch with Cosh Living through visiting their showrooms.


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