Tips for growing tomatoes in container

Growing tomatoes in a container can be a challenging task as it is not easy to grow tomatoes in the container. Tomatoes need plenty of sunshine and enough moisture t grow and give quality fruits so growing them in a pot instead in a proper soil is really a big task. Some people grow tomatoes not for the look but for the taste so they have to take special care of the plant. Even I like growing tomatoes in a container and I have been successful in the task. I will share with you how I did it all.

Tips for growing tomatoes in container

Take a big container

You must make sure that you take a big container incase you want to grow tomatoes for cooking purpose. This is because if the tomatoes  does not grow well they will not have good taste. This is why I suggest you to take a large size container may be 5 to 6 gallon one and grow tomato in that. You must make sure that the container has holes to drain out excess water. Tomato  needs enough moisture but at the same time it must not be soaked in water else the plant will spoil down. You must make sure that you plant one tomato in one container  that the plant gets the right nutrition and the fruits are really tasty. Just for your knowledge let me tell you that it is still a debate as to whether tomato is a fruit or a use in vegetable.

Enough water

The nest important thing is that you must water the plant well. Tomatoes like rice or paddy need sufficient water but at the same time you must make sure that the plant does not soaked in water else it will not grow. When you water the tomato then water it everyday and then after watering notice if the pot is draining out the excess water as this is very important. You must make sure that this plant gets the right support. Tomato is not a climbing plant but at the same time it needs certain amount  of support so you must make sure that you insert a stick in the pot where the plant can be tied to it. when you insert the stick, do it before the plant grows otherwise it will spoil the root of the plant and the plant will die.


Tomatoes also require sufficient sunlight so make sure you give It the same. But at the same time make sure you do not plant the tree in a place where the sun is too high. It requires medium sunlight and thus  make sure you give it the same. If the sun is too high during the day then during the noon time put a shade over the plant so that the plant does not get damage in the  sun.

Growing tomatoes is not a difficult thing so you must make sure that you feed in the right ingredients and enjoy the fruit/ vegetable.

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