Tips for Gardening with Your Kids

If you have any kids and you want them to help out with gardening, then this is a great chance to help them learn how to do this since they are small. While there are some ways you can do this, you should keep a few simple facts in mind as you move forward with the tasks ahead:

Gardening with Kids

  • Do your best to make the job more fun for the kids, since chances are they may get bored by most tasks fairly quickly. When they end up being bored by longer running tasks, the efforts you plan will make sure your kids will be more invested into it. You can have a competition organized to have them more invested into the tasks ahead. It will take some doing, but in the end it will be well worth the efforts you will need to make.
  • Prepare your child for the coming tasks by letting them use safe tools so they can make the gardening work safer as well. Even though kids will have varying levels of ability to work on complex tasks depending on their age, but you can still have them helping out all the way if you do it right. When they are older they will give you a better chance to help out and give you a hand with more success.

Gardening with child

  • When you choose plants for your garden, you should ensure they are of a kind that is easy to care for. Make sure they are safer for the kids as well, so no home grown nettles or prickly plants if you can help it. Landscaping will be a lot easier if you plan on it in advance, so make sure you are fully aware of what you want to do at least a month in advance. A set of marigolds, peas, radishes and other plants would all be a really welcome addition for any gardening aficionado, so be prepared for what comes ahead.
  • You have to eventually teach kids more things about gardening, so they will be able to handle any gardening tasks. Begin by teaching them about planting seeds, seedlings and basic gardening and go from there. You can start with planting some seeds in carton eggs, then cutting each of the egg holders, then transferring the young seedling into your chosen area in the garden. Once the toddlers grow up a bit they will be able to learn more about the tasks they can help with and to have a lot more fun in the process.
  • You should consider including the potential wildlife in your gardening fun and experience if you want the kids to learn and to enjoy it entirely. Depending on the age of your children you can have them have fun with squirrel feeders, birdbaths and other animal-related fun activities around the garden during work and landscaping. You can also see about placing a pond in your garden, letting kids have fun with the ecosystem of the garden as well.
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