The Best 4 Spots For Your Gazebo

A gazebo is a wall-less structure that is used in outdoor spaces around the world.  With many shapes, materials, and even styles to choose from they can really make a huge impact wherever you choose to add them.   So here are the top five places you can install gazebos to make sure you get the most from them.


Create A Poolside Refuge From The Sun

The swimming pool can be a fun place to swim and play however it can get hot. Not to mention that prolonged exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays are proven to cause skin cancer.  For this reason if you have a pool you will also need a shady spot to get out of the sun for a break.  Adding a permanent gazebo poolside is a smart choice that can also provide the perfect area for watchful parents to relax while keeping an eye on the kids at the same time.

A Garden Retreat

Many homeowners’ favorite part of their home is their garden space.  Unfortunately not all of us have big shady tree overhead to keep us cool when enjoying it.  By adding a classic wooden gazebo to your garden area you will be able to smell the flowers and have a view of all your hard landscaping work. And of course one of these gazebos will really help to add some serious looks to your property as a whole.

Your Side Yard Has Potential Too

Without a doubt the most overlooked outdoor space is the side yard. Not only do many people forget that it can be used for a host of outside activities but that its’ an excellent spot for a structure.  Depending on your space this could be the ideal area for a garden gazebo with its own flooring or even a patio gazebo if you have a cement slab.  Since side yards are close to the house your structure could provide shade for outdoor dining tables, grills, or patio furniture.

The Best Place To Enjoy The View

If you are one of the lucky few who have a picturesque view from your yard you are in luck since a gazebo is the best way to enjoy it.  With the cool breeze flowing through and a roof to protect you from the elements you will be sure to get the most enjoyment possible.  Keep in mind though you don’t necessarily have to have a view of the mountains or a lake, the best view for many is often a simple water feature or even their own house.

A gazebo is a place you can treasure for a lifetime. So be sure to consider these top four spots when it’s time to install. They all are proven winners and are guaranteed to please!

For your complete guide to the all types of gazebos including photos and tips from the pros be sure to read more here!

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