The basic Elements for the Cottage Garden decoration

A each one want to decorate home landscape space but before doing some point focus due to full look will be natural, first is structures how much your space and home much space you want to expand for garden it’s necessary as you should some space keep for the fence, it’s safe for plant. If you have Inspiration any other design you can same type other look but do some change due to appearance will be special. Curving Pathways, for keep the center space in garden, other wise spread the cement bricks. Choose the perfect Vintage Accessorize for cottage garden with vintage items. Seating space in keep the iron table and chairs, it’s are durable and all season you can keep in garden. Final is fence mostly cottage garden for best design is white-picket fence it’s looking natural beauty.



Cottage Garden decoration


Best flower plants list for cottage gardens

Dame’s Rocket

dame's rocket flower in cottage gardens


Delphinium flower in cottage gardens


Bellflower flower in cottage gardens


Columbine flower in cottage gardens


coralbells flowers in cottage gardens


Daisy flower in cottage gardens


dianthus flowers in cottage gardens


Foxglove flowers in cottage gardens


Dark red Hollyhock flower plant

Pink Hollyhock flower plant

Pink Hollyhock flower plant

Above flower are better for all time in the cottage garden

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