Terrace vegetable gardening Tips

Terrace is a beautiful place to grow vegetables. There are some house where there is not enough space to grow garden in the ground, so people opt for terrace gardens. The best thing about terrace garden is that you don’t not have to worry regarding someone stealing your vegetables or fruits for that matter. Here are few factors that you must consider while planting a terrace garden.

1) Terrace garden tree tips :

Weight of the soil : The terrace garden plan can be a successful only when you have the right resources for the same. You must make sure that the building is designed in such a manner that it will support the weight of the soil. If you have ever dragged a pot of soil you will know how much weight it carries. Similarly  the weight of soil in your terrace garden will be very much so ensure that the structure of the roof is strong enough to bear such type of weight.

Sunlight : The sunlight required by each plant is different. Some plant require more sunlight while some require less. Make sure that you have a detail of the requirements that your plant needs. If there is too much sun in then the plants will die similarly if there is too less sun then also the plant will die. There has to be a perfect balance.

The soil type :  If you are growing more than one type of plants then the soil required by each one of them will be different. In this case it is better to have a vegetable bed rather than growing it on one type of soil. There must be different beds for different types of pants

By this way the plants will grow properly.

 Water : The terrace roof must have the required facility to drain out excess water. If there is too much water then the plants will die. Not only this the terrace will soak water and become damp. This is the why ensure that there is no water leakage and even the pots must not hold water. If you are not sure how to go about it then first plant one pot and check out the water outlet of the same. Then you can go about the other ones.

 Fertilizer : You must put the right kind of fertilizer so that your plants grow properly. For this you have to study the requirement of all plants and then plan things accordingly. Again the fertilizer required by all plants are not same, even the quantity differs, so for this too you must have a different beds for each type of plants.

After you have made all the arrangements, you need to ensure that you have not missed out checking on any vital arrangements. If you have any friend of colleague who has grown a terrace garden or has any knowledge regarding the same, then  you must ask that person for further tips and advice.

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