Smart Summer Lawn Care Specialists Recommend

It’s starting to get really warm and this is an indication that summer is truly just around the corner. It’s bound to be really hot come June, July and August; in fact, weather experts say it’s going to be a rather long summer because El Nino is going to last until the last quarter of the year. The previous summer was already quite punishing, so people should brace themselves for what may be an even more scorching one this year.



Property owners, in particular, need to be prepared for the effects of an intensely hot summer. Lawns and gardens are likely to “fall ill” without smart summer lawn care. Lawn specialists have eight tips that will help maintain curb appeal this summer without the excessive costs.

  1. Water less frequently.

This tip may not make sense, considering how parched everything gets in the summer. The lawn care specialists’ advice, however, is to water less often, but water deeply every session. Make sure to really soak the lawn for this will encourage roots to grow deeply and reach for underground moisture.

  1. Introduce other cultures of grass to your lawn.

Avoiding monocultures will make your lawn less susceptible to damage due to the heat as well as the presence of pests.

  1. Let your grass grow.

During the summer, don’t be too quick with mowing the lawn. Let your grass grow up to four inches. Short grass easily gets stressed during dry periods and requires more frequent watering.

  1. Control pests with diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is a fine white powder made up of microscopic sea creatures. These can effectively annihilate insects that target turf during the summer.

  1. Avoid watering overnight.

Aside from the fact that this goes against the first tip, this practice can attract pests to your lawn. During the summer, it’s best to remove pest attractants to effectively control costs and keep your outdoor space thriving.

  1. Make your lawn smaller.

This doesn’t mean you should just forget about having a beautiful landscape; lawn care specialists say that you may want to consider altering its look by cutting down the grassy area, which requires special care. How about creating flowerbeds instead? Fill them with endemic hardy shrubs and flowers that don’t need special care to thrive.

  1. Use white vinegar for weed control.

This natural ingredient is effective in killing everything from crab grass to dandelions.

  1. Create your own lawn tonics.

Homemade fertilizers made with Epsom salts, mouthwash, liquid soap, ammonia and beer are very effective in inhibiting that buildup and fungal growth.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts. But he also values the importance of getting expert help whenever necessary. He visits sites like And she shares guidelines and tips about stuff on home improvement like proper lawn care and landscaping.

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