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Herb garden is the best thing that you can have especially those who like cooking and gardening both. Usually people grow herbs to fulfill the purpose of using them in cooking but they can also be used to add beauty to your decor. If you want to various designs for your herb garden then here are few that I can suggest you. Herb garden is something which will add fun and excitement to your garden beauty. You can do the thing in various ways. First that you need to find out is the different types of herbs that you can grow. Some of the herbs are rosemary, oregano, basil, mint, parsley etc. these herbs are used in different types of cooking and you can grow them easily. You must also find out the basic requirements of these herbs plantation before you start growing them.

 Growing herbs in Small Square shaped pots :   You can make small soil beds of one by one meter with the required depth for the herbs and plant one type of herb in each soil bed. Make sure that you leave sufficient gap between each soil bed so that the herbs can get the right amount of nutrition.  You can build small wall of height three to four inches at the boundary of the bed as this will give a neat appearance. Make sure that you add three to four soil beds in a row and in between then arrange some pebbles. If you want you can label the herbs so that they look beautiful and one can easily recognize them.

Geometric shape : You can grow herbs in different geometric shapes. The best one will be hexagon or octagon shape and they will add beauty to your garden. When you grow herbs in this shape make sure that you give sufficient space to each bed and provide enough nutrition to the soil. If the beds are made too small then that will hamper the nutrition intake of the herbs.

A central bed : If you have a big garden then you can create a central bed where you can grow your herbs. Since the root of the herbs won’t penetrate the soil too deep so you won’t have to make an effort in that area. The best way is to find out the depth require by each herb. Then grow the herbs in layers but keeping some space in-between each type. This will ensure that they get the right amount of nutrition and at the same time it will look as well.

Designer pots : There are various designer pots that are available in the market that can be used to grow the herb. You can get some of these designer pots and grow you herbs in them. Then you can place these pots in the garden at different locations like in-between flower beds etc. this will ensure that they get the right nutrition and look good between the flowers as well.

Growing herbs has its own satisfaction level and thus if you too are one them who like to add few herbs in their garden then you can do so by implementing any of the above ideas.

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