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When you are planning to have a small lawn within a limited space then you must try those thing which will match with small space and which will require low maintenance, for that you can use perennial ground cover grasses. Among these ground cover grasses you can try for periwinkle, lily turf, which also requires very less attention. Give a mower cut to the grasses of your garden and borders with stone tiles in rectangle and square shape which can give a very attractive look to your small lawn. Who said that a small-house -lawn doesn’t look attractive? You can easily have a small backyard lawn which will be attached with the living room of your house, and you can make that small lawn an activity place for your kids.

Small garden lawn


via image:  Todd Haiman Landscape Design

naturalistic plantings


via image: The Garden Consultants, Inc.

Houston Casual Landscape


Via image: mcdugaldsteele

Modern Revival


Source:  shadesofgreenla

Private Residence West Side Vancouver


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