Simple backyard landscaping ideas

Backyard can be utilized very well especially if one has lot of space there. Moreover, if you want any kind of privacy then you can decorate your backyard like your garden. There are various ways by which you can do the same; here are some simple ideas for a backyard landscaping.


If you have small to medium space for your backyard, then divide the space into two sections, make a small lawn on one section and pace times or marble on the other. Where you have put marble, build a shelter so that in rainy season you can sit there and enjoy the rain with a cup of  hot coffee. You can also build a sitting area with marble; it will look good and at the same time will be weather proof.

You can now decorate the place by keeping two three chairs under the shelter, a table, keep a flower vase or a small flower pot over the table etc. keep beautiful light shades with low intensity light to create a soothing environment. If the place is small then do not use too much grass and avoid tall plants.

Simple backyard landscaping for Space

If you have huge space at your backyard then it’s a big advantage for you. You can try out various options at such a big space. You can keep a swing with some pillows over it where children can play. Make sure you place the pillow only when in use, else it will be spoiled in the outside weather. You can create a small pool where kids can play or a fish pond. This will add to the beauty of the place. You can create a lawn over there as that will look stunning. Since the space is large, you can use palm trees and they seldom shed leaves and it won’t be a hassle for you to clean the lawn every now and then.

Simple backyard landscaping for Cost

The cost of a landscape will depend on the space available and the kind of material used. If you are building a  pool the you have to keep the water clean, so this will again cost you. You will again calculate the cost on the type of chairs used, the quality of the lamp shade, whether you use marble or simple tiles etc. it is better to fix a budget and then go about building a landscape as that will benefit you in all the ways.

Simple backyard landscaping plans

Before building your backyard landscape, you must think the main purpose for building it. The backyard can be used for various purpose like

  • A place where you want your privacy
  • Your pet’s outdoor place
  • For hosting party
  • A place where kids can play
  • A place where you can do some exercise etc

You can do all the following things at the backyard and that will depend on the design for the same. So make a blue print, calculate the budget and things required and then only  go for the same.

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