Short Space in Vegetable Garden design

Maintaining a garden is a real hard job, so why not just plant a small garden in small spaces. In this way not only does one save excessive effort but also is able to maintain and love gardening. Vegetable gardens in small spaces like in front of the kitchen window or maybe in the balcony is something which is very sought after because vegetables are one of the day to day life needs. Vegetables are required for cooking, even if you are cooking meat, for salads, because everyone prefers a side salad and more, thus the vegetable garden in short space are not all that bad.

Vegetable garden in low space_1

Vegetable in short space_2

Vegetable in short space_3

Vegetable in short space_4

Vegetable in short space_5

Vegetable in short space_6

Vegetable in short space_7

Vegetable in short space_8

Vegetable in short space_9

Source: greensideup pinterest

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