Short Herbs plants care tips

When we talk about garden, then we speak of shrubs, decorative plants and flowers but we hardly give any importance to the herbs. Herbs can provides you with multi-purpose benefits.  Herbs can enhance the beauty of your garden, they not only spread sweet aromatic fragrance but it becomes very much useful for domestic purpose.

It can provide you with different types of vegetables, it is reduce your costing because you need have to go market everyday you will get the vegetables at your home itself. Herbs prove as a health booster, provides you with balanced diet. So, if still herbs are missing in your garden, then immediately go for planting herbs at your front yard or even at the backyard garden.

Generally, we do some mistakes while planting herbs. So, this article is going to help you by providing tip of take care of the herbs.

  • First clear up the ground, it should be free from the weeds. Herbs usually doesn’t require too much of the organic components. If you add too much of the fertilizers or manure then that could lead for slow growth.
  • While you are planting the seeds in the “nursery” try to water the pot on which you putting because once you put the rootballs in the ground it will become very much difficult to wet it.
  • Spacing is very important especially for the herbs. So, when you are transplanting the plant take care of the space between them. Place them according to their height.
  • In planting herbs, there is one term which includes in planting herbs is that Pruning, pruning is actually means a kind of harvesting. We generally have a tendency to harvest its leaves, stems at its growth period. This can lead to the end of the life cycle of the herbs. You will have to prune the herb at its proper time. When the leaves will get old about fall then you only you should prune with some of the stems.
  • Herbs usually get destroyed due to lack of attention. It the sole responsibility of the gardener to observe the herbs very closely and identify the problems at a very early stage like, fading of the leaves, curling up of the leaves, too much fall of the leaves. These are some of the basic signs through which you can understand that something is wrong and can provide with right treatment.
  • Herbs can make you stress free as they have a very minimal need. They can grow in very low sunlight, they does not require regular water. But it is must to water them at least once in the morning, while giving water, water it around the soil not over the leaves, that can lead to fast decay of the leaves.
  • Mulching is very important especially for the herbs. Mulching means a mixture of the decayed leaves and some of the organic manure that can enrich the soil making it more fertile. If you mulch it properly, then it doesn’t require water regularly.
  • Soil potting is necessary. While planting do not put the seeds on the regular used soil. Put in new soil also to avoid soil bacteria.

Herbs are very much prone it insects or pests so, so use only organic fertilizers and prune the dead leaves on regular basis for bushy growth.

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