Keeping Yourself Safe While Lawn Mowing – Experts Provide Safety Tips

Lawn mowing can seem like a pretty straightforward task. Even the local kids in your area could do it, right? Perhaps a generation ago that was the norm, but these days a little more though needs to go into who you get to do your lawn mowing. Doctors say that accidents can and do happen while mowing the lawn. These accidents can range from those that involve the fingers to those that involve the hands and feet, injuries from mower blades, flying rocks and more.

How do you keep yourself and your loved ones safe while you are mowing the lawn?

Before you begin

It is a good idea to keep the area you are mowing free of children and pets. Keep your children and pets indoors or a safe distance away from the lawn. If you are using a new lawn mower, take the time to read the manual and instructions first.

Check the outdoor conditions first. If it is raining or going to rain, schedule your lawn mowing session for another day. Avoid mowing when there is little to no available light – if anything to ensure peace with your neighbours and compliance with most council regulations regarding noise. If you are planning to mow in the morning, wait until the sun has risen and the dew has evaporated from the grass. If you are going to mow in the late afternoon and early evening, make sure that there is ample light on your yard and that dew or mist is not starting to settle.

Survey your yard and look for wayward objects like stones, twigs and  kids’and pets’toys which may be picked up and thrown by the mower.

Double-check your lawn mower and make sure that it and its accessories are working properly.

While mowing

Wear the right clothes for the task at hand. If you are going to mow your lawn, wear close-fitting clothes, shoes with good traction, safety goggles and ear protection. Do not wear loose jewellery or anything that can get entangled with the lawn mower. High-visibility clothing such as a vest is always a good idea.

Always be mindful of your surroundings. Be on the lookout for objects that you may have failed to remove from your lawn. Be particularly cautious when making turns or approaching areas where your view may be blocked.

As much as possible, avoid mowing in reverse. If you cannot avoid it, check behind you first.

When working on a slope, take the necessary precautions. If you are using a walk-behind mower, mow across the slopes; conversely, if you are using a ride-on mower, mow up and down.

If you have children, always be aware of where they are when mowing.

Should you let kids mow the lawn?

You might want to delegate lawn mowing to your older children. However, before you do, it is critical to take some time to teach them how to properly handle the lawn mower. Experts recommend that children should be at least 12 years old to handle a walk-behind mower or 16 years old to operate a riding mower.

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