Rooftop vegetable garden ideas

Creating a roof top vegetable garden is a matter of joy and excitement. One must try this at least once in a life time. Creating a roof garden enables you to experiment with your garden and also allows you to include variety of fruits and garden which otherwise you could not have grown due to unavailability of space. Here I will share with you all some roof gardening tips that you can use while growing your vegetables on roof top.

Rooftop gardening Tips :  Check the roof You must make sure that the roof has the capability to hold a garden. Even a pot filed with water has so much weight so you need to ensure that the roof will hold the weight of soil which you will be putting in order to create a garden.

Roof must be water proof : It is not very easy to grow a garden on the roof top so one need to ensure that the roof does have all the required facilities to hold a garden. If the drainage system is not good then the water logging in the roof will damage the entire building.

Rooftop vegetable garden

 Plants must get the required amount of sunlight You need to analyze how much sun the roof is getting of the sun is too harsh you cannot plant certain types of plants as they will die. Similarly if the roof is not getting enough sunshine due to buildings which are there in the surrounding, then too it is a problem. So you need to check out these important features and then only you can think of plantation.

Wind : Wind is another important factor as if the wind is strong , then it will erode trees. You need to make sure that you make arrangements for growing plants. There are some types of flower plants which are very delicate and they cannot be grown everywhere so think of all these factors and then only plant the garden.

Lighting : You need to make sure that there are proper lighting arrangements so that you can enjoy the garden even during the night time. The best lighting arrangements will be to have candles so that you can even create a candle light dinner for you and your loved ones.

Cost : Before planning the garden make sure that you can fit in the budget. You need to make sure that what ever you are planning that must be with in your budget else you may have to drop the plan mid way or you may have to take loan.

You can take ideas from people who have a roof top garden. Look what all things they have used in creating such garden and also look at the loop holes. This will make you realize the dos and the don’ts and when you realize that the chances of you making mistake will be very less.

I hope you will take these tips seriously and create your own beautiful garden on roof top. Trust me friend it’s really fun and exciting way to build a roof garden

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