Pineapple plants Growing tips and Pineapple plants Pictures

Pineapple is an exotic tropical plant and is quite delicious. Growing pineapple is very simple and it does not require much maintenance. Here is a simple step by which you can grow pineapple in your home and enjoy the fruits when its grown and ripe.

Pineapple plants Growing

Get a plant : First thing that you need to do is to get a pineapple from the local fruit market. Make sure that the plant is not too ripe and not too tender as well. The leaves must be green in color while the skin of the fruit must be golden brown in color. You must also make sure that the plant does not have any insect. Such insects appear as gray spots over the base of the leaves.

Cut the crown :  You need to cut the crown in such a way that the stem is not damaged and at the same time, no fruit flesh are attached to it. In case some fruit flesh is attached cut it carefully as it may damage your pant later. Trim some leaves so that the stem is exposed at the bottom.

Let the plant dry :  You need to dry the plant, for doing this turn the plant upside down and let the eaves and the bottom of the plant harden

Dip the plant in water : After this put the crown in water, better if you put it in a glass of water so that only the roots are wet. Do not keep it in extreme temperature; you can keep changing the water after every few days and then wait till rots start coming up.

Prepare the soil : The soil where you will plant the pineapple must be a mixture of 30%organic material and light garden soil must be used. Plant the crown properly and press the surrounding soil, make sure there are no soil over the leaves. The crown must be planted at least 6 inches deep into the soil.

Keep the plant under favorable condition : The plant must be kept in a hot and humid condition. Make sure it gets moderate sunlight and at night the temperature must not fall below 18 degree C. if the atmospheric condition is too dry then moist the plant everyday (not water)

Take care of the plant :  The plant must be watered once in a week and add fertilizer twice a month during the summer time. It can take some years for the fruit to bear but a red core will appear from the center of the pant. You will witness blue flowers and fruits coming out of it. It takes  6 months for fruits to ripe.

Indoor palm plants : Pineapple can be grown indoors, you just have to make sure that it gets moderate amount of sunlight. The best thing about pineapple is it grows best in a pot.

 Pineapple plants Cost : Pineapple is not very costly and it is better to enjoy the fruit fresh rather than having a canned pineapple. Pineapple will cost you less than 5 dollars and it is cheaper in Austrilia.

 Pineapple flower plant :  Pineapple bears small blue flowers and once eth flower matures, the color of it can change. When a pineapple has to produce fruit, the plant bears about 200 flowers, each flower bears a fruit and all of them together collectively form the pineapple.

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