Outdoor garden in lithops plant decor ideas

Well when it comes to decorating our outdoor space we want to have the best possible unique ideas so that the onlookers will turn green with envy and burn with jealousy. We want to take pride and also enjoy the variety of decorations at our home in accordance to our taste. We have some interesting ideas for Landscaping Lithops.

What are Lithops?  Lithops are succulent type of cactus plants. They do not grow on the ground and need to be specially potted with rocks. The uniqueness of these plants is that the leaves of these plants grow like thick rubbery gloves in the shape of rocks. The leaves are translucent too. The plants are popularly known as ‘Living Stones’.

Landscaping with Lithops  Landscaping with Lithops is very easy and cost effective too. They are very low maintenance has they take less water and can live up to 20 years, provided they are given proper care.  You do not need to water them in winter at all. As they look like small stones they make for a great view when planted among the stones and they can camouflage too. This quality makes them for a great sight and yearly once they produce flowers that make it beautiful. They are great for growing in and around the house than in the wild as if proper care is taken the old leaves also survive around and add to the overall view with time.

Important Tips  When you are decorating or landscaping with lithops you have to keep few important things in your mind. Do not water them regularly, as they are a type of cactus and have quality to store water. Do plant them in dry and sunny climate. Keep them indoors during humid and cold months. With cool looking Lithops the possibilities are endless and you can even make them look futuristic with some imagination!







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