Modern Driveway Design for Home Garden

The design of the driveway is an essential part of the exterior of your house. It wont be wrong to say that the drive way gives an idea of how the interior of the house will be. Driveway is a place over which cars will driven everyday so it has to be durable along with looking good. When designing the driveway for your home and garden you must also make sure that the material used for the same must be resistance to car oil and other chemicals.

 Home Front side Driveway Design:  The most important thing is the width of the drive way. It must be broad enough to allow cars of all size to drive comfortable. Secondly if there is a turning, it must be designed in a way that it allows cars to take turn smoothly. The driveway design must match with the design of your house. If you have made house in the country style then the driveway must compliment the house. At the same time make sure that the design must be durable enough to support driving on it every day.

Modern Driveway Design

You must design the driveway in such a way that there must enough space for cars to drive and at the same time for people to walk beside. This  means that the drive way must have some pavement, and the pavement can be the lawn on either sides of the driveway. The driveway can also be made broad but green lawn on both sides will look good.

Driveway Design

 In case there is no boundary between yours and yours neighbor’s drive way then you can plant in some small shrubs which will create a small privacy and will look good at the same time.

Marble Driveway Design cost USD 2450 :  If you want to lay marble on your driveway then the cost of it will depend on the type of marble you use. Some marbles are much cheaper but that erode soon. You can add a stabilizer to strengthen the same but that will increase the cost of it. So, first thing that you must do is to select the marble after making a detailed study of it.

USD 2450

Next calculate the area of your drive way; for this first calculate the areas which can be divided into simple square or rectangular. Then for the remaining area, draw with chalk the possible triangles, circles or other geometrical figure in a way that it is easy for you to calculate the area of the remaining space. Calculate the area of the entire drive way by adding together the small areas. After this you can estimate the marble required depending on the total area. You must add some more to the cost for other expenditure like the laying cost and labor cost.

 Front yard curb appeal :  You can design the front yard curb in any way you feel like as there are a lot of designs available on the internet and you can take ideas from a catalog as well. But there are few things that you must remember and that is the space. If you have a little space then don’t include too many bushes as it will look like a jingle. Hanging pots or pots holder are a good idea since they look good and does not occupy too much space. Another thing that you can do is to include as many colors you can. Different colored flowers and bushes will make your front yard look like a fairy tale garden. Remember these tips before you choose any kind of design and let your neighbors envy the end look.

 USD 2500 Driveway remodeling costs : To estimate the remodeling cost $2500 of your driveway you must first make a list of the materials that you will be requiring for the same. Include every small material and then include the cost of the labors and for how many days the renovation will take place. After this you will get the approximate figure of how much it will cost you.

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