Modern deck design in home exterior space

The deck is very important to increase your home value, mostly deck install in the outdoor side for instance home outdoor side back yard garden, balcony and other rooms space. Ever less maintenance deck install in the home as outdoor side space in keep a still desk and home balcony space in keep a wood desk because exterior side ever not safe from spring so and inner side safe so, when ever you chose that time inside for install a wooden desk. Over shade mostly valuable for desk because you can take any time enjoy with friend and celebrate any little function under the desk space in any period. Garden desk popular only for dining table, if as you install a desk in garden you can take a eco friendly dinner enjoy in home. Set a classic furniture in deck area as outdoor lighting for that your mood will be high. Ready made design are in the market I think price start from USD 300 TO 1000 so just buy and install.

Japanese Garden Deck

Hardwood Dining Deck

Granite Boulder Deck


Curved Walkway pic


Custom decks design


Hardwood deck and Floating Stairs


Image source: sandiegoindependentconstruction

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