Window Blinds – The Modern-Day Art in Your Home

Blinds offer some obvious benefits, namely their ability to block out sunlight, provide privacy, and in some cases, offer insulation. Yet one of the more overlooked advantages of blinds is their ability to create a truly stunning aesthetic to any room, whether it’s as one of the key focal points of the decor or to compliment the overall interim design of a space.

Let’s take a closer look at how blinds can be used as the modern-day art in your home!

Go simple yet beautiful with some Roman blinds

There’s something gorgeous about Roman blinds despite their incredibly basic design. Made from a single piece of fabric with various folds, Roman blinds sound rather boring, but they offer a sophisticated and elegant window dressing that will tie a room together.

You also have an incredible selection of materials and fabrics to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect match for your interior design. Popular choices include going for a light tones and soft linens that combine well with natural lights, to more luxurious, fuller designs rich with patterns and textures.

Combine with curtains for a stunning look

Why choose blinds over curtains when you can easily combine the two? Granted it may be higher maintenance and not the cheapest option, but in terms of sheer wow-factor, there’s aren’t many better ways to dress a window.

This look is best utlisied in spacious rooms, making it a fine choice for a living room or lounge area. A combination of blinds and curtains offers even more flexibility for your décor, with countless different styles that can be matched together to great effect.

Be sure to avoid common pitfalls such as pairing print with print, while consider selecting the blinds first as it will be easier to find a set of curtains that can complement the look.

The natural look is never out of style

Given its ability to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, the natural look is something that will always be popular in many homes, and blinds can be one of the key features of this look.

Wooden blinds that feature their natural grains and tones look stunning when paired alongside other natural décor such as hardwood floors, cabinets, etc. Both light and dark shades work to great effect and there’s various sizes of slats available to achieve different styles.

Go for natural blinds with some taper features to add a nice contrasting style!

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