Mistakes in Lawn Care Locals Should Avoid

It is not enough that you allocate time, money and effort toward lawn care. Experts say that you also need to know how to properly use your resources. Otherwise, your mistakes can lead not only to the wastage of these resources but also to problems related to lawn care.

What are the mistakes in lawn care residents need to avoid?

Applying too much fertilizer

The right amount of the right fertilizer can significantly benefit your lawn. However, if you choose the wrong fertilizer or apply too much too often, you will notice lawn problems brought about by the injuries to the grass.

Many lawn care experts now advocate the use of organic fertilizers which effectively help build the soil structure while helping maintain the right balance of soil organisms.


Another reason why your lawn may not be looking as good as you want it to is because you are watering it too much, too often. Turf does not need as much water as you think it does. Overwatering can even lead to a host of problems, including vulnerability to diseases. Instead of watering your lawn daily, water infrequently but deeply.


Choosing the wrong grass

Using the wrong type of grass for a particular location can also lead to wastage of resources and less than stellar results. Before choosing a kind of grass, consult with the specialists in lawn care homeowners trust for their recommendations. They will factor in the species of grass along with environmental factors and the use of the intended site.

Forgetting the soil

You cannot expect great results from your efforts if you are starting off on the wrong foot. Before doing extensive work on your lawn, it is crucial that you have it checked to determine its composition as well as the nutrients it lacks. Also, there will be instances wherein the soil will need to be amended and aerated.

Not knowing how to mow the lawn

If you think that you can save time and effort by mowing the lawn too short, you can end up paying more in the form of a damaged lawn. The rule of thumb to follow is to cut off no more than a third of the grass. Otherwise, the turf will become more vulnerable to weeds and pests.

Also, make sure that your mower’s blades are sharp. Dull blades can damage and stress the grass. Sharpen the blades or get new ones.

About the author: Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts. But he also values the importance of getting expert help whenever necessary. He visits sites like http://www.greengroundsservices.com. And he shares guidelines and tips about proper lawn care and landscaping.

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