For Effective Pest Control, Lawn Specialists Vouch for 3 Natural Products

One essential component of good property maintenance is lawn care. The condition of your garden or lawn contributes significantly to the overall look and value of your property. Likewise, if you wish to get the most use of the land you own, a perfectly groomed lawn will provide you this brand of functional versatility.

However, it’s a lot of work to maintain a lush and visually pleasing lawn. It requires strategic care so the various elements that impact its healthy growth can be managed effectively. Take pests, for example—there’s no lawn or garden that has never seen pests; even those maintained by professionals have had episodes with tiny fliers and crawlies that caused some sort of damage to grass and other plants. The experts in pest control claim that the appearance of pests is inevitable but with immediate attention, you can prevent serious damage to your lawn.

Pest control, lawn and garden professionals say, is all about knowing what works and fully committing to the routine of maintenance. With this combined effort, all those pests can be kept at bay and your lawn will continue to grow healthily and maintain its nice appearance through the changing seasons.

And speaking of what works for pest control, lawn specialists have three natural or organic products you can easily use, which have not only been proven effective, but are also wallet- friendly:

  1. Food-grade diatomaceous earth – This costs about $40 for a 50-lb bag. This pest control product is made up of the skeletons of microscopic sea creatures that pierce the soft body of insects and cause dehydration. You just apply this product around your lawn (be sure to wear a dust mask when you do so) and it will take care of those pesky pests in no time.
  2. Beer – This favorite beverage is highly effective in getting rid of snails and slugs that insatiably feed on grass. All you need to do is set out shallow dishes of beer around your lawn or garden; these beer traps will attract slugs and snails and drown them.
  3. Essential oils garden insect killers – You can make your own by mixing rosemary, peppermint, thyme and clove oils. This organic blend can actually kill and repel insects, mites and even eggs and larvae. The peppermint component may also repel rodents like mice and rats. The nice thing about this organic insect killer is it will do no harm to grass, plants, and even your household pets that like to play in the lawn.


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