Landscaping tips for a family friendly garden

The garden is an ideal place to escape from home and stay close to it at the same time. And it is probably the best place for a family to spend and share their free time. Thus almost every garden can be considered as the family-friendly one. But it is not always that easy for a family to make the most of its garden. And here is where landscaping needs to be introduced to the family-friendly garden. Because landscaping is what you cannot do at home and can do in the garden.

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If you are not a landscape gardener, then you might find yourself requiring garden design services or at least consulting gardening experts. A garden can be used for multiple purposes and by any family member, so it has to be family-friendly at all times. Whenever you relax in the garden or let your children play, make sure it can be enjoyable for all of your family.

Garden landscaping suggests you to have places where you could hide from the sun and where you could soak in the sun. It is great if there are already trees growing in your garden. If not, don’t be afraid of not having a shady place under a sycamore or a cypress – you can plant fast-growing trees in your garden and create cosy lounge areas for your family afterhours or common relax therapies.

No matter if it is a cooling or sunbathing area in your garden, you will need grass everywhere you step. Basically that is what the lawn is for. Lawn planting is highly recommended to be done by gardening professionals while lawn maintenance can be trusted to one of the family members.

Once you have trees and a lawn in your garden, you will need some pieces of furniture to make the garden really family-friendly. You do not want to allow the weather to affect the family-friendly status of your garden. So when you go shopping for garden furniture, look for easy-care seating that can be left uncovered and will not be affected by any weather conditions. You may choose between plastic, wood, metal or synthetic depending on what would ideally fit your garden and your family.

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It is a well-known stereotype that a garden has to always be green. But garden landscaping does not limit you to one colour only. Of course, you may want to paint the fences pink or blue to make it more attractive for children, but try to use the colour preferences while choosing furniture for your garden.

A true family-friendly garden must have a play area for children. That means you will require a special territory for most of your plants. You really do not want see your children playing in the garden and tasting all the plants that grow around. Do not forget about other members of your family – pets. Make sure they feel comfortable in your family-friendly garden and try not to walk them there.

You will not be able to get away without having a family meal in your garden. Normally it is a dining table and chairs that go first in the garden. But I am sure each family has occasions for a barbeque or garden party. It is very practical to have your barbeque area close to the back door with an easy access to the family kitchen.

It is very likely that such a family-friendly garden can become very attractive to your friends and you start seeing a lot of them in your garden. That is where you will have to decide who your garden is for. The family-friendly garden cannot be friendly to everyone because of its size. So bear this in mind while doing or planning landscaping for your garden with your family.

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