Inspiring indoor garden plan 2014

Nowadays we all attracted to the overcrowded cities, yet we long for a natural green area in our apartment complex. Today I am going to present before you some designing ideas of how you are going to have beautiful, attractive indoor gardens of your home. For having indoor gardens, don’t plan for too much of space, but instead to that you can use small yet unused area of your home. Like you can plant long bamboos alongside of the staircase, make the base with different colored stones, and provide necessary foot light at the base, this can definitely becomes an attractive piece for indoor garden design, bonsais can be the best option. You can say simply add a bonsai variety in your living area, you can add a mossy base for sophisticated look. For a glamorous look you plan for floor garden, just simply by making small sections in the floor, and design with cutaway cactus and use pebbles for a neat finish. ¬†Indoor balcony can definitely be a great option to decorate with many messy green varieties. You can also install green grass borders along the glass panels of your bathroom which can indeed give an healthy look to your bathroom and you also feel fresh to start your morning routine.

Project: Menlo Park, CA
Landscape Contractor: Jim Redman, Elements Landscape
Photographer: Michele Lee Willson Photography

Inspiring indoor garden plan

indoor garden deck

indoor garden night lighting decor

indoor garden wood safa

indoor garden fence design

indoor garden kitchen plan

indoor garden fireplace plan

indoor garden plant plan

Images Source: arterrallp

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