Inspiring Fruit espaliers in home

Methods of gardening is being improved day by day. One such gardening design is fruit espaliers. Espaliers are actually a gardening method in which the branches of the various fruit trees are tied on the support of a flat surface that may be wall or trellis. The main attraction of this type of gardening is that the branches are tied in a geometric patterns. They are mainly of u-shaped or of v-shaped, but you can also design your espaliers beyond the traditional designs. Pear tree or the apple are mainly used for the espaliers, because fruit espaliers give structural elegance to the garden. One the that you should keep in mind is that the minimum width between each branches should be 16 inches. The tree should be cut in low hedge. Candelabra design can definitely be an attractive one. Fan shaped espaliers, diamond shaped espaliers can also be very much unique.

Inspiring Fruit espaliers


Fruit espaliers on garden wall


espalier apple tree sits under the transom window


Apple Blossom fruit espaliers


Espaliered katsuras planted


Carmel Valley House


Sally Wheat Interiors

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