Indian Attractive landscape design

Everyone desires to have a beautiful home and why not after all homes are built with hard work and dedication. Creating a home is a matter of art and intelligence. One must know how to utilize the space and the resources available. You may take ideas by looking at any garden or landscape photos but while implementing the idea you must make sure that the idea fits in your budget. Here in this section I will discuss certain landscape ideas that will appeal you and at the same time will fit in your budget.


Colorful flowers and green grass

If you have a large space available then it is better that you decorate it with lots of flowers and green grass. You can include various colored flowers and use some pebbles if you want. This is how you can go, if your house has huge large windows then hanging flower pots are the best option. Make sure that the plant is cut in such a way that it gives a bushy appearance and adds to the volume. Color the exterior of your house in light color so that with this light back ground, the colored flowers will look great. Use flowers which grow al through the year else for every season you will have to plant new seedlings.

Bushes cut in different shapes

Bushes cut into different designs are the latest in the landscapes. You can cut the bushes into various shapes of your choice but here you have to maintain it very well. Bushes grow fast during the monsoon season and so you have to take care that you have the resources and the time to do the same.

Water and stone landscape
If you have a large area then another great idea for landscape is to have a large pond and keep large rocks in it. You can also place some wild grass here and there to give it a wild look. Keep a wooden bridge which will add to the look. The main thing over here is to maintain the water and change it. Since it will be stagnant water, you need to maintain it properly. Make sure you have the right resources for it otherwise it will be quite troublesome for you to maintain it.

Rose and pebbles

Want to add charm in your garden, then there cannot be any other better  option than decorating it with roses. Use all color roses in your garden like pink, red, cream, orange, yellow, white etc. mix all the color roses  and plant the young plants at the edges of the area of the landscape. It will look awesome when the plants will grow and the roses will blossom.  You will find a million ideas of landscape that will look good but you must choose an idea that will match with the area available and the exterior of your house. So all the best for that!  

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