Incredible modern river house plan

This project developed in Lithuania country, total 226 square meters in build up this design. The river homes mostly build in the vacant space inside of river otherwise Eco surrounding. Fully Natural Surroundings in build this home so atmosphere such as very feeling comfortable.

river house exterior design


river house exterior hd plan


river house floor hd plan

river house in livingroom design


river house hd plan

Embedding the modern river house into the sloped surroundings made it easier to keep a constant temperature with such a great glass wall overlooking the panoramas. Geothermal heating and smart natural air supply systems optimize operation costs, while natural materials integrate the modern river house in its surroundings.

river house floor plan


river house 1st floor plan


river house plan 2015


river house deatils plan


Photographs by Antanas Minkevičius

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