Creative Ideas to Decorate a Pergola for Christmas

Christmas is very important holiday, so preparation for it usually takes plenty of time. But sometimes we understand that Christmas Eve is coming soon and we still have no idea how to create special mood for celebration.Perhaps you sincerely wish to impress your children and neighbours by the festive decoration of your home yard and you have a pergola that still looks ordinary?




Then you are lucky! You wonder why? Just because all of thatmakes a great opportunity to give free rein to your imagination and compose something really wonderful for this Christmas! Here we gathered some ideas to decorate pergola in the yard, so you can make your house look very attractive on these Christmas holidays.

Think of the illumination

What things do you imagine when thinking of Christmas decorations? We are sure you mentioned Christmas garlandone of the first. Garlands can createfabulous look and fill your pergola with charming festive atmosphere even if there is no snow around.

There can be different types of light bulbs you can use for your pergola Christmas illumination. Usually there can be such types as:

  • Classic clear bulbs

To make the classic Christmas look you can use garlands of traditional clear C7 or C9 incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs have warm glow and are inexpensive in general. Illumination of such bulbs always looks very stylish and creates stunning effect, but it also requires a lot of electricity, so before installing them to your pergola you should provide careful planning of your energy consumption.

  • Classic colourful bulbs

Illumination of colourful incandescent lights looks extremely impressive and bright. Such bulbs can have different finishing, so you need to pay attention at its quality before buying. The same as clear incandescent Christmas lights, such bulbs also require careful electricity planning.

  • White LED lights

Nowadays more and more people start using LED’s, because they require up to 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Such energy saving gives you an opportunity to put much more lights to your pergola. You can find LED lights with warm white and cold white glow, according to your taste.

  • Colourful LED lights

You have opportunity to use different combinations of colours for your LED lights to gatheryour unique stylish pattern. Combinations of white and red, red and yellow, red and green, green and blue may look very nice in your Christmas decoration of pergola.

  • Christmas Icicle lights

If you want to bring to your home an original Christmasatmosphere, you can also use icicle lights instead of simple bulbs. Hang icicle garlands to the roofline of your pergola and you will easily create charming and festive winter look.


Use Christmas ornaments

Who told that Christmas ornaments can look good only on the Christmas tree? Forget those stereotypes and just use your imagination!

For example, glass ball ornamentcan look good in your pergola if you hang bright balls under its ceiling. In order to make stylish look you should develop special palette of colours you are going to use. It’s better not to use in your decoration more than three different colours as the result may look not so attractive. But everything depends on your taste, so if you are not scary of the experiments, then just act!

Also you can create Christmas mood by decorating corners of your pergola with tinsel or fir-tree branches. There is even no need to take natural fir-tree for that, as nowadays you can find different kinds of artificial decorations that look like real tree branches.

Christmas tree in your pergola

If you have such opportunity, you can put the main attribute of the holiday outside your house also! It’s not necessary to put huge fir-tree inpergola: you can take small natural Christmas tree in a pot or artificial one and decorate it with toys, garlands and candies. In such way you can create Christmas atmosphere in your pergola in the quickest and the easiest way.

As you can see, all that you need for decorating pergola is time and some special Christmas attributes that can be easily found in any shop. We would be also glad to know your ideas of how you decorated your pergola, if you have something to add! Enjoy your holiday preparations and stayhappy at this Christmas!

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