Ideas for bean poles

Themes of garden designing is taking new forms with each passing days. Nowadays, vertical gardening is gaining it popularity, as it is not only attractive but also space saver. Among the vegetables in vegetable gardening, climbing pole peas and beans are very often to see, because pole beans can grow in a very small area. If you decide to have pole beans in your garden then, then the main thing which is required is very strong support. You can get a wide variety of materials as support but among them you can choose bamboo canes, coppiced woods are also widely used as the support for poles beans you can also use fence for supporting. The next thing is the designs or the ways you are going erect the pole beans. First is you can erect the pole beans in a double row methods which is traditional, for an exquisite look you can use an arch type poles beans, Or you can use the Central support by typing a long bamboo canes like wigwam. You can also install pole beans along the walls or along the fences with different garden accessories for a finished look. Thus, through these steps you can try out pole beans in your garden.

wood  bean poles in garden


purple hyacinth bean vine


Portola Valley Kitchen Garden


how to make bean poles in backyard garden


Contemporary bean poles


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