Decorating Ideas And Tips For Your Fence-Mount Letterbox This Autumn

Although seasons may seem so fleeting, it doesn’t mean that you can’t work on your outdoor space and features to keep up with the times. With the return of cooler temperatures, autumn colours, and nature changing before your eyes, adding touches of autumn decor to your home will help you have an easier and exciting time transitioning into the new season.

Your letterbox is one outdoor fixture that you can decorate to keep up with the season. Whether you have a fence-mount letterbox a wall- or post-mounted one, there are ways for you to decorate this just in time for autumn. Here are some decorating ideas and tips:

  • Use a letterbox cover. If you can’t find mailbox covers at retail and online shops, there’s always the option of making your own. Come up with a design that is in line with the colours of autumn (think yellow, orange, red, purple, etc.). Make some parts of the cover magnetic for easy installation and removal. Also, make sure that you take the correct measurements of your letterbox so that it can be completely covered by the material you choose for your cover.
  • Paint your letterbox. If you’re up to doing some DIY home improvement projects, don’t forget to paint your letterbox. Again, opt for colours that best represent autumn. You don’t have to go monochromatic either; be as creative as you can when painting it. However, opt for a design that you can stick with for a long time or one that can go beyond autumn if you don’t have plans of changing the paint when the season ends. This means be artistic, but at the same time, practise some restraint.
  • Place some accents. Simply attaching or gluing an artificial flower or tying some colourful ribbons to the letterbox will make it more appealing. Again, opt for colours and flowers that are in keeping with the autumn theme.
  • Grow some autumn plants. Since your letterbox is fence-mounted, if you don’t have any plants near or beside your fences, consider growing some this autumn. There are a lot of flowering plants that will look great as a background not only for your letterbox but for your property as a whole as well. Some of the most popular autumn flowering plants you should have this season near your fence include alyssums, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and marigolds.

A lot of your home features, whether indoors or outdoors, can be improved and decorated to match the season. Your letterbox is one great example.

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