How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

 Organic gardening is exactly what you need if you want to replace the chemical-filled foods that you bring from the stores. You will replace the pesticides that you usually consume with nice and healthy vitamins, taken from your very own back yard. Organic fruit and vegetables on the market have become quite expensive due to their rarity and the ever-growing popularity of GM foods, so you should not rely on markets to bring you the better option. You should roll up your sleeves and do whatever landscaping and gardening needs to be done yourself.

Organic Garden

The Preparation

To start a new garden, you need somewhere to do the planting. It will require fertile soil which you might or might not have. The ways to test the soil are two: get a home testing kit, or send a sample to an agricultural office or shop. The key ingredient you will be looking for is humus – the organic matter that will house your seeds and help them grow. If you don’t seem to have any in your garden, then you should buy organic soil from the market.

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You should also learn about composting as you will be using it in the future. Composting means piling up green waste and animal feces (herbivorous animals, please) and drying it out until it itself becomes fertilizer for your soil. Composting takes time and effort, but it pays off once the harvest starts.

The Beginning

Time for planting. You need to choose what you will want in your garden. And no, it should not be just about anything. You need to use Google a bit and learn about the different fruits and vegetables and see which ones will thrive in your garden’s conditions and which ones will struggle. Even the best and most reliable gardeners will not be able to properly grow a plant that doesn’t have the proper conditions.

Organic strawberry Garden

When planting the seeds, you need to give your plants space. The positioning of the plants is very important, as properly planted seeds will have reduced weeding and will require less weed control, and garden maintenance will become a bit easier. Your plants also need room to breathe and grow, so never pile them together as they will tamper with each other’s growth.

The Maintenance

Watering and weed control are your main responsibilities towards your plants. Water the roots and not the leaves as the leaves are gentle and tend to get damaged, and drops of water that stick to them may cause them to bend and warp. Water either in the morning or at night to keep the soil around the roots nice and moist. If they are experiencing a hot summer day then water them during the hot afternoon as well – do not let your plants dry or they will start withering.

Weeds that you remove from the ground can be used for the compost, but they are a double-edged knife, so be careful and do your research on composting weeds beforehand.

The Conclusion

After that all that is left for you is to wait for the plants to grow and ripen, and you can harvest your very own organic food, filled with nutrients and vitamins to keep up your strength just as you have been keeping theirs. After harvest you can do some garden clearance and get ready for the next crop.

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