How to keep safe plant from viruses

They do. There are more than 400 viruses known to attack only plants. The virus has to enter the plant cell to replicate. It’s not easy for a virus to gain entry into a Want cell as the cell has a tough wall.

Plant viruse

But the virus takes advantage of injury to the plant, or holes bored in the wall by insects that feed on plants, to gain entry. Once it has entered the cell the virus multiplies rapidly, and spreads to all parts of the plant. In some cases the plant may not show any symptoms of viral infection, but in some cases viral activity causes stunted growth and a fall in the quality and quantity of the plant’s yield. Viruses can cause extensive damage to crops and vegetable plants like the potato and the tomato. There is no cure for diseases brought on by viral attack, in plants. The affected plants have to be destroyed or isolated to prevent the virus from spreading.

Plant viruses information in Hindi Language

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