How to install artificial grass in the garden?

When you go in the garden that time you sow? Green Grass on garden land. But now day’s new concept about that. It’s name is artificial grass, the grass made from plastic so all season in no worry to care and ever giving green look.  You can buy from the market this grass price is $15 to $20 per square foot as lot of variety in the grass which you want to selecting in the garden that’s you can select.

How to install artificial grass in the garden?

Now we are discussing about artificial grass Installing process. Installing artificial grass is like laying carpet; you want to stretch it tightly atop a secure base and hide the seams. Installers use a variety of products. A perimeter of (Top L) Bender Board can create a solid edge. A platform of plastic (Bottom L) PDS Drainage Tiles can lift turf above wet surfaces. (Top R) Staples close seams and (Bottom R) Spikes along the perimeter keep edges flat. For more, see Easy Turf.

The material is usually laid above a base of decomposed granite from 3 to 4 inches deep, with a weed barrier. Different manufacturers use different seam treatments (the goal is to make the seams invisible). As with carpet, artificial turf is cut to fit during installation (the fewer seams the better), then nailed into place. Sand (or crumbed rubber, if it’s an athletic field) is then applied as an infill.

Photo Gallery of home garden artificial grass

Artificial grass amazing look in night

artificial grass in public garden

artificial grass home front side design

simple artificial grass design 2014

artificial grass new design 2014

artificial grass in home garden

artificial grass in home backyard garden


artificial grass in american home front side


Artificial grass on dining table

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