How to grow sweet peppers in containers



Sweet peppers are also known as bell peppers because of their bell like shape. The sweet peppers belong to the capsicum family. Warmth and ample sunlight is required for a sweet pepper to grow. The sweet pepper is a very nutritious vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals hence widely grown at homes. They are very easy to grow in containers.

Sow the seeds in a flat tray at a moderate temperature varying from 16 to 21 degree Celsius in the month of February and March. Let them germinate. After germination, transfer the seedlings into a small container. The seeds sowed in February will be ready to be transferred to a bigger container of 16 to 18 inches, when the plants are about 7 inches tall in the month of May.  The soil has to drain out of the containers so drill several holes in the container. Fill this container with potting soil and compost. Dampening the soil by watering it and then let it drain out. Tie and re-tie the plant with a bamboo stake when it grows. The container should be placed in direct sunlight. The soil should be watered time and again so that it doesn’t dry up. Prevent the wetting of the foliage. Look for the signs of any insects or diseases. Carefully choose an insecticide that is approved for use on food crops. The peppers can be harvested when they are fully grown or can be left to ripen on the plant. Sweet peppers are usually left to ripen. The color of the peppers varies from type to type.

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