How to grow potatoes in containers



Potatoes are tuberous crops. They are used in various forms; steamed, raw, fried and baked. They are consumed widely all over the world and are a major staple crop. They are grown from seed potatoes, they start from tubers. Potatoes can be easily grown in containers making it beneficial to people with restricted spaces. Growing potatoes in a container is an easy process.

Here is how you can grow potato in a container:

The first step is called chitting the potato. It is not an essential step but is recommended for better results. Leave the seed potatoes in a cool dark place to chit them. The seed potatoes start sprouting when you chit them. Leave them for a short while as 2-3 eyes on the potatoes are enough.  Choose any container; just make sure it has enough drainage. Drain the holes on the bottom to allow water drainage. Fill the container with good quality compost and place the tubers on top of it. Space them sparingly. Put another layer of compost and water it. Keep the soil moist. As the plant grows, keep on adding soil on it. The potatoes grow in upwards direction. A keen check in required on the moisture level of the container. There should be balance as the soil should never be wet or dry. It should just be a little moist. Keep the container in a sunny spot for enough sunlight to enter the container. As the plant starts to turn yellow, the potatoes get ready to be harvested. Run the hand through the soil and check if the potatoes are ready to be harvested. Avoid the green potatoes as they are poisonous.

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