How to grow Calla Lilies flowers plants

Calla lilies are a wonderful garden pants and is not at all difficult to grow. These simple yet elegant looking flowers have their own wild beauty and all they need is water. These plants grow in the marshy lands of tropical region and in their origin country, they are known to be weeds. However they do have few simple requirements and if that is being taken care of they will grow beautifully. Here some tips have been discussed regarding how to grow calla lilies.

Calla Lilies flowers

 The right amount of water :  Calla lilies are known to grow near swamps and ponds in tropical climatic region. These plants thus require sufficient amount of water and the soil where you are growing these plants must be moist al through. Hence you must take care that you water the soil where they grow twice in a day. You can also grow this plant near a water body but make sure that eth water body is natural. If the water body is artificial then it won’t serve the purpose. If this plant is given the right amount of water it will blossom beautifully and fill your entire garden.

The soil type : As discussed earlier that this plant requires water so lose soil type wont serve the purpose. The soil must able to hold water in it and therefore make sure that you prepare the soil accordingly.

Nutrition : Calla lilies are truly known as weds in their own country but that also is not sufficient to fulfill the nutrition value of the plant. If you like to see this plant all year around in your garden then you have to do the required effort. Bi monthly you must feed the plant with fertilizer but make sure you do not over feed them. If you over feed them with fertilizer you will witness burned edges of leaves as a sign for the same. Thus ensure that you give the required amount not more nor less.

Take care of the bulbs :  Calla lilies are known to spread through the bulbs they produce. The seeds in the bulb comes out and they then spread and grow into new plants. So if you want the population control for the  calla lilies then you must take the bulbs off and throw them. You can even distribute them to your friends and neighbor if they want. However make sure you do that carefully without damaging the plant.

Prefer soil beds and not pot :  You can grow calla lilies in a pot but the problem with that is, when this plant is grown in a soil it requires too much water more than what it requires in a soil bed. The reason for this is the water loss in pot is more than that in a soil bed. Then the next thing will be to provide nutrition to the soil as the soil in a pot gets exhausted very fast compared to the soil bed. So if you can manage these things you can grow them in a pot else soil bed is what I recommend.

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