How to Enjoy Your Pond More This Fall?

After enjoying your backyard pond all summer, do you anticipate the changes of fall? Or is it something that you don’t really look forward to, as you know there is some maintenance work to be done on your pond? Many pond owners know that fall is the time to prepare their ponds for the winter, and this does require some extra work. How can you make pond maintenance during the fall an easier and more enjoyable project?



Stock Up on the Right Water Gardening Products

The tools you use are the key to making the job easier. Stock up on the right kind of water gardening products so that your fall maintenance routine goes as smoothly as possible. What kind of things will you need?

  • Pond vacuum – makes it easy to clean up the surface of the pond (if you don’t have leaf netting).
  • Leaf netting – catches fallen leaves before they can clog up pond filters and pumps.
  • Water thermometers – these help you monitor your pond water temperature.
  • pH testing strips – keep an eye on the pH level as it can drop suddenly in colder weather.

Know How to Treat Fish and Plants

You won’t be able to properly enjoy your pond if its fish and plants aren’t thriving. How can you ensure your pond maintenance works for the benefit of pond life?

  • Begin feeding fish a wheat-germ-based food as temperatures fall, and when the water reaches 50 degrees, you can stop feeding most fish altogether.
  • Change out at least half of the pond’s water early in the fall, before water temperatures dip below 50 degrees.
  • Move hardy plants to the deepest part of the pond to keep their roots from freezing.
  • Move tropical plants indoors until spring.

Enjoy the Fall Atmosphere

Try not to spend all your time worrying about the practical details of pond ownership. After taking care of pond pumps, filters, fish and plants, make sure to spend some time sitting by your pond, actually enjoying the crisp fall air.

  • As the days get shorter, make sure your pond has LED lighting so that you can enjoy it on dusky evenings.
  • Place a fire pit near the pond so that the whole family can sit around and enjoy being outdoors together this fall.
  • Make pond maintenance a family project by letting the kids help with some of the tasks.

Although autumn does require a lot of work for pond owners, having the right water gardening products, taking care of plants and fish early, and spending time with family around the pond will make the job of pond maintenance much more pleasant.

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