How to Create A Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is a great way for those that have little outdoor space to enjoy fresh flowers, fruits and veggies from their own home. Whether you have no backyard, want to add decor to your deck or patio, want to cover a plain wall, or have just ran out of plantable space, a vertical garden is a simple project to take on. This space-saving garden care can be done in backyards, on patios, porches and decks.

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There are many reasons to create a vertical garden. The main reason gardeners choose vertical over a traditional horizontal garden is a lack of space. If you live in an apartment or house with no yard, you can create a vertical garden on your balcony, landing, steps or patio. There is also the lack of landscaping which means saving a lot of efforts. Some of you may already have flowers growing in all your beds and want to grow some vegetables or herbs, but have no more room. Or, maybe you have a big, beautiful vegetable garden, but you want to plant some flowers. If you have a plain, empty wall on your deck or patio that you’re not sure how to decorate, you can grow a vertical garden in front of it. Not only will this create decor, you will benefit from the products you grow. Some will do this for convenience reasons. Maybe it’s more convenient to walk out your door and have a wall of herbs to snip for dinner. Gardening can be relaxing, but if a gardener doesn’t have a lot of spare time,  good garden care and mainVertical Gardentenance can be stressful. A vertical garden that doesn’t require as much garden care as a traditional garden could be the answer. Vertical gardens can be herb gardens, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, or even fruit gardens.

There are many unique ways to create a vertical garden. There are a multitude of vertical garden systems available in stores and online for sale today. For those of you with imagination that love DIY projects, you can find countless ideas in magazines and online. Vertical gardens can be made out of pallets and hung on a wall. You can buy or build a shelf system that attaches to the wall. You can buy or create a vertical, tiered ladder that leans against the wall. With some woof and fencing, you can create a rack to hang planters on, or plant crops and let them grow up the fencing.

Vertical gardening is becoming increasingly popular. Vertical gardens come in many different shapes and sizes. An abundant amount of fresh herbs, flowers, fruits and veggies can now be grown in small spaces. Show how much of a reliable gardener you are and see that it is a great way to maximize your small spaces.

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