How to care Strawberry plant from virus



Strawberries are the prettiest to see. But these plants are easily susceptible to viruses. There is no one virus that can effect these plants. They can be affected at any time of the year. Once affected you will see the part of the plant crinkling with green petals, yellow spotting and band on the veins resulting in poor growth of the plant. Here are a few things to take care while growing Strawberry plants.

Make sure you do not let the plant blossom in the first year. By doing this all nutrients of the plant help the root to be much stronger. By second year the produce will be much more fruitful.

Watering is important for these plants, make sure to water about one inch each week. Lot of water is needed during the growth of runners and when flowering. And again when plants mature. Each plant should be spaced 10 inches apart. Remove any offspring plants if needed, first and second cohort give higher produces.

The flower beds protected to reduce water needs and invasion of weed. Weeding should be done meticulously, and by hand. Especially during the initial months after planting. Once the growing season is over, trim foliage down by one inch. Insulate plant by 4 inches deep with any organic material or a straw.

Row covers are advised for protecting these blossoms from birds.

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