How to Care Cucumber Vines from Virus

Cucumbers are technically fruits but commonly used as fresh vegetables. They are widely used as salad ingredient all across the world. It is necessary to have a warm and dry condition for a cucumber to grow optimally. They should be prevented from getting cold. Cucumbers are prone to get affected by virus.



Detect virus and protect cucumbers:

  • The Cucumber Mosaic Virus is a very common virus. It is a plant pathogen virus. Proper care and precaution can prevent cucumber vines from virus.
  • The virus is easily detectable. If there are yellow stripes or spots on the foliage, the plant is infected. The plant may appear crimpled and curled as well.
  • There is no particular cure for the virus but it can be prevented from infecting the plant. Every effort should be made to prevent the virus from spoiling the vine.
  • Resistant cultivars can be used to easily avoid any virus to infect the cucumber vine.
  • Natural pest control products can be used as spot treatment to prevent the insects that carry the disease to infect the plant.
  • Floating row covers will keep the pests off the cucumber vine and should be used till the plant doesn’t fully grow, till the absolute end.
  • Use herbicides to remove the perennial weeds, these are also prone to infect the plant.Viruses spread when the plant is wet, the gardener should definitely any avoid damp conditions. If the virus has already infected some of the plants, then¬†identify these plants and look for any other sign and remove them. Aphids should also be prevented in order to reduce the likelihood of the mosaic virus.
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