How to care Container Fruits plant

Container Fruits


These days many people prefer growing their plants at home. Be it exotic plants or various fruits and vegetables. As there are benefits to growing fruits in a container, so are the disadvantages. Be careful in selecting the right kind of container fruit plant. This is due to space constraint and one needs to take extra care of these plants.

You have a choice to grow fruit plant in a container for a few years and then transfer it to ground, or you can select a dwarf variety plant available easily. All you need to take care of is, the root stock should be short and the height of the plant should not exceed 6ft or 2m.

When using a container make sure holes are made at the bottom of the container. Container can be of any shape or size, however, it should not be smaller than 10 – 16 inches in diameter.

You need to fill the container with a light variety of potting mixture with good breathing space. Create a mound at the center of the pot and place the root at this point. Cover it with soil tapping gently.

Ample amount of sunlight is required. Water the plant so it gets moist, but not mushy. The stake needs to be left upright so the tree is durable while roots get strong.

With a variety of fertilization available in the market, you need to select the one with nitrogen high formula with traces of mineral.

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