How to Attract Dragonflies to Your Garden

Pest control is a troublesome affair for all, and nothing can be better than finding natural ways to get rid of these bothersome pests. Dragonflies are not just graceful and beautiful, but are all in all an exemplary solution of preventing pests from invading your garden. Their voracious hunting of mosquitoes and small aquatic insects, along with bringing benefits to the garden, are also fun to watch.



Here are some of the ways of creating a setting inviting for dragonflies:

  • Installing a pond: A pond of diameter of about 20 feet and a depth of about two feet, positioned in a location that has no hindrance for sunlight is said to provide the best environment for all stages of development of a dragonfly.
  • Growing aquatic plants in the pond: Both shallow water and deep water plants can be used to stock the pond. Dragonflies use these plants to insert their eggs into the stalks. Also, adding floating plants may help, but it must be taken care of that the plants do not cover the pond entirely, blocking the sunlight.
  • Rocks, providing the pleasant environment: Adding light colored rocks on the sides, allows dragonflies to bask in the sun. With correct observations, the color that attracts them can be found.
  • Securing the growth: Growing tall meadow grasses around the ponds and not having fishes in the pond, assures the nymphs to grow securely. These grasses also become a spot for hunting for dragonflies to survive their living.

Locating the pond near to an established dragonfly habitat, or adding bucketful of pond sludge and water from such a location helps in a good initiation of the process.

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