Home and garden landscaping decor ideas

There are various designs that can be used to decorate a modern home and its exterior. You can use various elements like pebbles and tiles which are easy to maintain and at the same time will look very good. Here are few ideas that I like personally and I want to share it with your guys.

garden landscaping

Glass and pebbles
The best thing to decorate a house with pebbles is that you don’t have to maintain it. It is easy to maintain and will not be costly on your pocket. If your house is on the ground floor then make ceiling to floor window and use plain glass without any grill. Adding grills will spoil the look of the window. Next that you can do is to put pebbles on the area that surround the window and eth area of eth house. Make a rectangular pavement and over the stones place rectangular shaped tiles. You can plant some wild grass here and there. The best thing about this is that it is easy to maintain and will also require less water. Since the soil will be covered with stones so even if you water the garden, soil wont spill.

Small well in the garden
If you have a small garden then plant bushes in it of your choice and make sure that the look is not crowded. You can use different types of flowers so that it gives a bright look. Next that you can do is to make a small artificial well in the garden. You actually don’t have to dig a deep well, just the outside should like a well. It will totally change the look of your garden and everyone will admire your garden and landscape idea.
Bridge with underlying pond
If you have a large space then you can build a small bridge of stone. This will give your garden a different look and the bridge will just add a wow! Look to your garden. Use small bushes around the bridge so that it gives a sweet look. Make sure you give a strong fencing to the bridge to avoid any kind of accident. The stones used in building the bridge must be used in such a way so that it will rule out the possibility of anyone falling and getting hurt. This is why you must give a proper fencing.
Fish pond
If you like fish then you can create a small fish pond at the center of the garden. Surround eth pond with flower plants, use rose to give a fairy tale look. Do not use lights during the night time as it will disturb the fishes. Drop in few pebbles at the bottom of eth pond and plant some underwater plants. It is a unique idea and will look just great.
Hope you like these ideas and will implement one of these.

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