Hollyhocks plants Growing tips and Hollyhocks plants Pictures

Hollyhock flowers are a favorite garden flower and is usually grows in tropical region. They need sunny weather and needs to be protected from the bad weather. Here the process of growing hollyhock plants has been discussed.

Hollyhock flower plants : The hollyhock flower is a four inch flower and has double petals. The blossom starts from the bottom of the stem and gradually moves upwards. The flowers are of wonderful color like pink, white, white and dark red etc.These flowers add a great look to the garden and makes your garden look beautiful.

How to Grow Hollyhock flower plants : Soil- To grow hollyhock flowers the soil must be well prepared first. You can make the soil by testing its acidity level. The soil has to be from slight acidic to alkaline and must be well drained. If you are not sure for the acidic level of the soil then you can buy a soil test kit and do the required test.

Hollyhocks plants Pictures Plantation- pant the flower at the starting of spring especially if you live in a region which has extreme winter. Choose a place which is shady and at the same time receives enough sunlight. The seeds must be planted in well moist soil or if you have small plant that too can be used to plant. Make sure that you water the soil well so that any kind of air gap is avoided which may form near the root region. The soil must be well drained at the same time. Gap between the plants- there must be a gap of three feet between each plant so that each plant can get enough mineral and the roots and spread well. If the sticks are too fragile then you can use a stick to support the plant. Place a stick at the side of plant and make sure that the roots are not damaged. Then tie the plant with the stick with a thin rope. Make sure that there is no damage to the stem.Water properly- you need to water the plant regularly so that the soil is well moist. The soil must be drained out well. Make sure that you don’t water the leaves to prevent any kind of disease problem.

How to Grow double hollyhock plants : 

To grow double hollyhock is as simple as growing a single one. Double hollyhock grows in a well drained soil which is very rich and has lot of minerals in it. After you have sown the first row, you need to plan the second row. There must be a gap of one feet between the two rows. The rest procedure is the same.

So, all the best for growing hollyhock plant in your garden.

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